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10 Inch Cast Iron Fajita Pan Set incl. wooden Serving Tray + 2 Ceramic dip bowls

10 Inch Cast Iron Fajita Pan Set incl. wooden Serving Tray + 2 Ceramic dip bowls

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  • š•š„š‘š’š€š“šˆš‹š„ ā€“ The pan made of high quality cast iron is perfect for preparing fajitas, tortillas, or even wraps. The usable surface of the pan is 10 inch. In addition, our frying pan is suitable for any hobs, such as electric, gas or induction.
  • š‚š€š’š“ šˆš‘šŽš ā€“ Cast iron pans, with proper care, is a very durable product that is virtually indestructible. The material conducts heat very well and evenly, so less energy is needed and pan contains the heat very long. The cast iron is pre seasoned.
  • š–šŽšŽšƒš„š š’š„š‘š•šˆšš† š“š‘š€š˜ ā€“ The serving board is made of high quality wood. Thanks to the specially adapted recesses, which allow you to safely serve the dish together with the ceramic bowls and your favourite dip.
  • š‚š„š‘š€šŒšˆš‚ ššŽš–š‹š’ ā€“ The two included dip bowls are ideal for refining the previously prepared dishes with a wide variety of dips, such as guacamole or chili. So nothing stands in the way of your unique taste experience.
  • š‚šŽšŽšŠššŽšŽšŠ ā€“ The Fajita Set also includes a cookbook with 20 different recipe ideas, instructions for using the cast iron pan, as well as appropriate care instructions for cast-iron. Included are recipes for the preparation of for example, burritos, spicy Mexican rice or even chorizo quesadillas with smoky guacamole.
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