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Empanada Maker Set incl. Recipe Book, Ceramic Dip Bowls, Cookie Cutter, Knife | Tortillada

Empanada Maker Set incl. Recipe Book, Ceramic Dip Bowls, Cookie Cutter, Knife | Tortillada

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  • š‚šŽšŒšš‹š„š“š„ šš€š‚šŠš€š†š„ ā€“ Our practical empanada set consists of 7 parts. Two black empanada makers made of plastic, two ceramic dip bowls, a knife, a stainless-steel cutter for the dough and a recipe book with 50 different recipes. This Empanada kitchen gadget is very durable and are also dishwasher safe.
  • š„š€š’š˜ š‡š€ššƒš‹šˆšš† ā€“ The dough is cut out with the cutter; the portioned dough is then placed in the mold for filling. After the filling has been spread on the dough disc, the mold must be closed and pressed tightly. Then your homemade empanadas are ready for the oven.
  • š’šš„š‚šˆš€š‹ šƒš„š’šˆš†š ā€“ The zigzag edges of the dumpling formers provide a beautiful traditional look of the empanadas, and also ensure a complete closing of the dumplings (repulgue). This is important because it ensures that the empanadas do not rise in the oven. In addition, the empanada mold is easy to handle because of the molded handles.
  • šƒšˆšŒš„šš’šˆšŽšš’ ā€“ The two black Empanada Maker made of plastic have a diameter of 6 Inch, the ceramic bowls each have a filling capacity of 4 oz and are therefore perfect as dip bowls. The stainless-steel cookie cutter has a diameter of 6 Inch cm. The enclosed knife is also 6 inch long.
  • šŒš€ššˆš…šŽš‹šƒ š€ššš‹šˆš‚š€šš‹š„ ā€“ The empanada set is also ideal for making fresh pasta such as ravioli, pierogi, and tortellini or a mini calzone. In general, they are suitable for any sweet and savory kneaded and puff pastry. So, nothing stands in the way of a perfect evening with traditional homemade empanadas!
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