Wheat tortillas vs. corn tortillas: A duel like David against Goliath?

Wheat tortillas vs. corn tortillas: A duel like David against Goliath?

They're both delicious, they're both staples of Mexican cuisine, and they both just look scrumptious without fail: Both wheat tortillas and corn tortillas are simply impossible to resist! Freshly released from the tortilla press, they are used around the globe deliciously filled with all kinds of goodies as enchiladas, tortilla chips, fajitas and even in soups.

Although the tortilla pleasure could be so simple, the world is divided into two camps: One variant must be better than the other! Or is it not? We got to the bottom of the delicious matter.

This is what wheat tortillas are waiting for

Wheat flour, water and a pinch of salt: That's all you need to prepare these delicious dough patties in your home kitchen. Not least because of their simplicity (and due to our European eating habits), wheat tortillas are much more common in our climes. Although you can buy them (often in the form of wraps) on almost every corner, we recommend the "home-made" ones. After all, these are neither equipped with flavor enhancers nor with preservatives, nor is their production thanks to tortilla press and tortilla warmer associated with great effort.

Although the corn tortilla has more to offer from a health perspective, the wheat tortilla comes with at least a scintilla more protein. Also, if you've accustomed your taste buds to wheat flour your entire life, the taste of cornmeal might seem unusual and foreign.

Here's what corn tortillas have to offer

Corn tortillas are the classic tortillas: they are considered more authentic because their main ingredient - corn - has been a staple in Central America for thousands of years. Wheat, on the other hand, did not spill across the Atlantic until the Spanish arrived in the Americas. In all of South and Central America, as well as in the southern United States, you will therefore probably encounter only sporadic supporters of wheat tortillas.

Although finely ground corn flour is less common in this country than wheat flour, you can find it in any well-stocked supermarket. While making corn tortillas with the help of a tortilla press and tortilla warmer is just as easy as making wheat tortillas, the yellow dough patties can boast more health benefits than their supposed competitors: The calcium hydroxide mixed with the corn flour in original recipes makes corn tortillas much more nutritious and surprises with the release of various vitamins. Since they also have fewer carbohydrates and fat with more fiber, corn tortillas are considered healthier than their wheat competitors.

Our conclusion in a nutshell: There's no accounting for taste!

One thing is certain: both wheat tortillas and corn tortillas have been an integral part of Mexican (and now worldwide) food culture for centuries - and for good reason! The thin, flat bread patties are ideal for wrapping all kinds of foods and are therefore served with almost every meal.

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