"Viva Mexico!" - Why September 16 is the most important day in Mexico

"Viva Mexico!" - Why September 16 is the most important day in Mexico

While people in Germany are still eagerly awaiting the Day of German Unity and the extended weekend that comes with it, and in America even the last patriot has now shot off the remaining firecrackers to mark Independence Day, Mexico will soon be celebrating. Because on September 16, all of Mexico celebrates the Grito de Dolores, the Mexican national holiday.

A holiday with 200 years of tradition

If you don't know the Spanish language, you might wonder what Grito de Dolores means. Directly translated, it means something like "the cry of Dolores." Named after the cry that Miguel Hidalgo y Castillo, a priest from the town of Dolores, once shouted out on September 16, 1810, calling on the Mexican people to resist the Spanish rulers and regain Mexico's independence.

For over 200 years, this historic day and the heroic deeds of those who resisted the Spanish rulers have been commemorated on September 16 with great festivities. However, the celebrations are not limited to September 16. Already on September 15, thousands of people gather in the squares of the entire republic and wait for the Mexican president to utter the call for freedom at 11 pm. The words "Viva Mexico! Viva la Indenpendencia! Vivan los héroes!" (Long live Mexico! Long live independence! Long live the heroes!) are proclaimed. At the same time, the ringing of the bell that Castillo is said to have rung when he first shouted the cry officially starts the celebrations. Thereupon, the cry of freedom is heard echoing everywhere from Mexico.

Celebrate the Mexican way

The climax of the celebration is reached on September 16. Here, the entire country is decorated with the red, white and green national flag of Mexico. While one parade after another passes through the towns in the provinces, the population lies in each other's arms and emotionally sings the national anthem. At the same time, classical mariachi music fills the streets, inviting people to dance. Of course, the traditional Mexican food is not to be missed. Countless stalls in the streets sell the dishes that make the heart of lovers of Mexican cuisine beat faster. Be it tortillas, tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas or the Mexican national dish Mole Poblano. Add to this a suitable drink in the form of a tequila or sangria and nothing stands in the way of an unforgettable celebration.

Tortillas and Tacos - Bring the celebration home with Mexican food!

Even if one cannot celebrate here in Germany on 16 September as extensively as it is done in Mexico, nevertheless all, which carry the colors of Mexico in the heart or fire and flame for the Mexican kitchen are, can bring on this day a piece of Mexico to itself to home. Because there is nothing to stop you from putting yourself in the kitchen and imitating this culinary experience. To do this successfully and get close enough to the Mexican original, you need the right accessories. If you use a homemade tortilla dough and a high-quality tortilla press, you can make the perfect tortillas. If you invite friends over to celebrate, it would be better if the tortillas stay fresh. A tortilla warmer is perfect for this purpose. If you have the right drinks and the right music, you can start your own little party. And who knows, if everything goes well, you'll end up in each other's arms and shouting "Viva Mexico!

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