From Mexico to the World: How Tortillas and Co. conquer the planet

From Mexico to the World: How Tortillas and Co. conquer the planet

Mexico convinces as a popular travel destination with its rich history and culture, it impresses tourists with its vibrant colors and we don't even want to start with the miles of sandy beaches. However, the country of impressive sights has another ace up its sleeve besides its sociable and hospitable population: Mexican dishes are now regarded worldwide as delicious specialties that can enjoy their international triumph.

Tacos, empanadas and tortillas, combined with creative spices and unique flavors, can boast an extraordinary taste that has made a name for itself throughout the world's culinary scene. But how did Latin American dishes successfully make their way into the big, wide world? And how has their triumphant advance affected German cuisine? We clear up!

How has Mexican food spread around the world?

From economics to politics to technology, globalization has created incredible connections between people around the world. But did you know that we owe our culinary diversity to this process? For example, our everyday enjoyment of tortillas, tacos and empanadas is due in part to free trade, migratory movements and the development of tourism. In Germany alone, countless Mexican restaurants make our mouths water with the use of tortilla presses and empanada makers. Also in supermarkets and online, Mexican dishes can be purchased quickly, easily and at any time, which subsequently end up on our plates, following the example of Latin American cuisine.

Let's summarize at this point that Mexican cuisine has become increasingly popular in Germany over the last few decades. The former specialty has become a firmly anchored part of our food culture, which now, however, no longer has quite so much in common with Latin American cuisine. The story began with a handful of immigrants from Mexico and ended with Germanized cooking ideas that were adapted more and more to German palates every year.

The fusion of Mexican food and international dishes

Mexican food crosses the counter in countless restaurants and fast-food chains around the world, and completes the offerings in grocery stores internationally. The frontrunner in the fusion between Mexican and local food is the U.S. Here, Mexican dishes, such as tacos, tortillas and empanadas, are blended with other ingredients to match the prevailing flavors. Often, hot spices are swapped for milder sauces, popular Tex-Mex combinations see the light of day, or the delicacies of Latin American cuisine are draped with a hefty helping of gratinated cheese. In addition, U.S. gourmets prefer beef, so pork, which is more common in Mexico, is not infrequently discarded.

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