Fresh and tasty for a long time: Storing tortillas made easy!

Fresh and tasty for a long time: Storing tortillas made easy!

Who doesn't know it: While preparing enchiladas, tacos, quesadillas and the like, your mouth waters and in wise foresight of the growling stomach, you reach for decent portions of flour, water and salt. Fortunately, the preparation of tortillas is quick and easy thanks to the tortilla press. The result: a delicious tower of countless dough patties, which makes the anticipation of deliciously filled tortillas only greater.

So the feasting may begin. Once the belly is well filled, however, the overcrowded disillusionment follows: The eyes were probably once again bigger than the stomach! Despite the exuberant feast, there are still some tortillas waiting to be eaten. So you ask to be let in, but your stomach goes on strike due to overcrowding. Taking the tortillas on their final journey to the trash can, however, is not an option at all. So where to put the golden yellow patties? We reveal how to keep tortillas fresh for a long time.

Storing the tortillas during preparation

Although the preparation of tortillas is almost magical thanks to the tortilla press and thus takes hardly any time per piece, the process takes several minutes for numerous dough patties. When the last tortilla is ready to eat, the first one has already cooled down. What a pity, because the Mexican finger food tastes best when warm!

Whenever you think, it goes no more, comes from somewhere... a helpful tortilla warmer along! The Tortilla Warmer - also called Tortillero - keeps up to 15 dough patties warm at the same time and is the dream come true of every Mexican (or rather worldwide and tortilla-crazy) extended family. Suitable for both homemade and store-bought tortillas, the flatbread in it can also be heated in the microwave if needed. Finally, you can all sit together at the table and still not have to do without deliciously warmed tortillas!

Storing tortillas for a short period of time

Freshly prepared and unfortunately no longer found a place in the stomach: Tortillas are much too good to end up in the trash when your stomach is full. Fortunately, if stored properly, you can keep them for a few days and have a treat to look forward to every day.

However, for both store-bought and homemade tortillas, there is a strict rule that they must be kept in the refrigerator as a matter of urgency. Since they contain a lot of moisture, mold will form quickly. While store-bought tortillas can survive in the refrigerator for up to a week after opening thanks to the addition of preservatives, homemade tortillas are a different story: You should use them up within three days to avoid risking a stomachache. Furthermore, it is a good idea to wrap the delicious dough patties in cling film so that they stay nice and soft.

Storing tortillas for a longer period of time

Although (at least purchased) tortillas can be kept unopened for several weeks, there are always situations in which the minimum shelf life must be exhausted. If a large quantity of tortillas has been purchased or prepared, they can be quickly frozen in the freezer. This way, they can be defrosted and enjoyed even after half a year. Just be sure to pack the tortillas in an airtight container before freezing. Tins or freezer bags are ideal for this purpose.

Remember the following rule of thumb: If the tortillas have become hard, it is no longer worth freezing them. Theoretically they could still be eaten, but practically they are no longer edible at this point. At the latest from the formation of mold, the life of the tortillas is then once and for all a thing of the past. But don't worry: As delicious as they are, your tortillas won't last that long anyway ...


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