Cast iron or aluminum? - Pressing tortillas the Mexican way!

Cast iron or aluminum? - Pressing tortillas the Mexican way!

What does summer taste like? For some, fresh strawberries - for others, paper-thin tortillas with exotic fillings! From burrito to enchilada to taco to quesadilla, no other dish represents Mexican cuisine as much as the rolled-out corn or wheat patty. Little wonder, then, that tortillas are served with almost every meal in the American South.

However, if you want to prepare the Mexican flatbread according to the original recipe at home, you will be disappointed: the tortillas will be much too thick and remind you more of a swollen pancake than of the fluffy, light bread. To avoid the annoyance of lumpy dough once and for all, you can't avoid buying a high-quality tortilla press. But which one should you choose? Cast iron or aluminum?

Press tortillas? For true taco lovers only with a cast iron!

Owning a good tortilla press is essential to roll out the popular patties thinly and invite friends and acquaintances to a successful Mexican evening. In search of a suitable model you will meet metal, plastic and even wood. They all pursue the goal of flattening the tortilla dough and preparing it for further preparation.

While aluminum and cast iron versions are particularly common, your choice should be the high-quality iron material. Cast iron tortilla presses not only withstand high heat, but also impress with numerous other advantages. Fascinate your friends at the next dinner with traditional tortillas from the cast iron press!

Cast iron tortilla presses: For quality you can taste

Cast iron is durable, easy to use and convenient to maintain. In particular, its excellent heat retention makes cast iron the ideal material for your tortilla press, as it gently and carefully cooks your dough patties. Without the use of oil, it bakes your tortillas evenly and from both sides - without drying them out. Look forward to juicy tortillas that would convince any Mexican grandmother!

The heavier the press, the flatter the tortillas

Whether it's cornmeal or wheat flour, a tortilla is only a tortilla if it's pressed paper-thin and shaped evenly. To press the dough patty into just that shape, a heavy and sturdy top is essential in a tortilla press. While a model made of aluminum is simply too light, a tortilla press made of cast iron with its three kilograms of weight always guarantees perfectly shaped tortillas without laborious effort - for tortillas "as if made of one piece"!

Cleaning grumpy? Choose a cast iron tortilla press!

Once you've eaten your breakfast burritos with their delicious filling of lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and chickpea salad, the next step is to clean your tortilla press. Cast iron, however, does not belong in the dishwasher. A disadvantage? Not in this case! All you need to do to clean your cast iron tortilla press is to wipe its surfaces thoroughly with a damp cloth. The natural non-stick layer called patina that is responsible for this will crown your tortilla press the new favorite in your kitchen.

With a cast iron tortilla press, you finally don't have to reach for a rolling pin. Instead, give your upper arms a break and let the cast iron tortilla press do its job. You'd better take care of the only task left to you: Eat and enjoy. Be impressed - by this press!

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