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12 Inch Tortilla Warmer Black

12 Inch Tortilla Warmer Black

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  • š“šŽš‘š“šˆš‹š‹š€ š–š€š‘šŒš„š‘ - In this tortilla warmer you can warm up to 15 tortillas at the same time. The warmer can be put in the microwave for this purpose.
  • š’š”šˆš“š€šš‹š„ - The Tortilla Warmer is suitable for homemade tortillas as well as for those bought in the supermarket.
  • š”ššˆš•š„š‘š’š€š‹ - Our tortilla warmer from Tortillada is suitable for a wide range of flat breads: tortillas, roti, chapati etc.
  • šŒšˆš‚š‘šŽš–š€š•š„ - Simply put the warmer with the flat bread inside in the microwave for 30 - 40 seconds and it is perfect for immediate consumption.
  • š–š€š’š‡šˆšš† šŒš€š‚š‡šˆšš„ - Our tortilla warmer can be easily washed in the washing machine at 86Ā°F.
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